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Mrs.Figaro is our famous Dry Figs , Sun dried and non machine or preservative treatment , Comes from Esteban State of Iran which has the best figs in the world , the natural sweetness of Miss.Figaro will leave a balanced sweetness and aroma on your palate. in every ounce of this supper food lays 3G of fiber which will help and alleviates the constipation and keeps you feeling full longer , its one of the best source of calcium and it will help you to control your blood sugar level and lowers your cholesterol level as well.Figs are low in calories and no fat at all . 

vitamin A ,vitamin C ,vitamin K ,B vitamins, potassium,magnesium, zinc,copper,manganese & iron is the other health benefits that Miss Figaro is offering by consuming a pack moderately .







SKU: F-0002
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