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Health Benefits 

15g a day make a big difference 

Ozaki Beef & Caviar

"10 Secrets You Should know about consuming caviar"

1.Caviar is rich in Vitamins A and E. these vitamins are important for the growth of cells and for the health of your immune system


2.Zinc, iron and selenium. Zinc is a powerful immune system booster.

3.Selenium to improve your red blood cell production.

4-iron is important for healthy and regular circulation.

5.Potassium a nutrient that is lowering your blood pressure.

6.Potassium again to help prevent the build-up of kidney stones. 

7.Say Goodbye to migraine.

8.arginine, to improve your circulation. Arginine is actually the substance in caviar that is thought to give it an aphrodisiac effect, If you have poor blood pressure, constant cold hands, or suffer from persistent tiredness, then you may benefit from increasing your caviar intake.

9.Highest In Omega-3 fatty Acid 


10.Cure Depression & Regulate your mood. 

The first spoonful is to accustom your palate to the taste, the second is to appreciate scent, flavor and texture. The third spoonful is purely for pleasure. Here's how to proceed:

1. Caviar should be stored between -2 and 2 degrees Celsius. Just before serving, remove from the fridge, open the box and allow the caviar to air for three to five minutes so that it warms up naturally to room temperature. But don't let it become overheated. If you wish, present the caviar in the box, on a bed of ice.

2. Use a mother-of-pearl or plastic spoon, never gold or silver; metal will alter the flavor of the caviar. Roll the grains between your tongue and palate to open up the eggs.

3. Accompany with a glass of Champagne or a white wine such as Meursault or Chablis. If you'd rather drink vodka, do so after you've finished tasting the caviar. The subtle flavors of French-farmed caviar will otherwise be swamped by the vodka.


4. Caviar is delicious on its own but can also work well with other foods as long as they're not too strongly scented. Potatoes, boiled eggs or scallops are ideal, but an herb such as.

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