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Our CaviarCollection 

The taste of true Persian and Royalties 


Iranian Beluga Caviar


 The rare "king of caviars" retains its crown as the most expensive you can buy, prized for its large grains and sumptuously soft texture.
 For Huso Huso Sturgeons to produce these grand pearls , it takes 19 years for the first maturity for female and 12 Years for the male . Its subtle but distinctive flavors are described as buttery or creamy, with notes of hazelnut and almond. The color can be pale grey, steel or dark or jet grey.
These diamond has been harvested from an aged Huso Huso native to Caspian Sea located on north of Iran . Caviar could be categorised as  00, Royal , 000 & Rarely King Class 000 base on the age , size and colours of the caviar &  the Sturgeon itself.


Origin: Caspian Sea, Iran
Packaging Size : 30g , 50g ,125g,250g



Ossetra Caviar





Produced from the Acipenser gueldenstaedtii sturgeon, this is the next priciest variety.

For Acicepencer Gueldenstaedtii or Russian Sturgeons in order to produce the quality and precious pearls it takes 9 to 15 Years .

* The egg size is smaller to that of Beluga and colors range from honey and amber to dark brown and slate. Firm in texture, it is a mellow, buttery caviar, with hints of cashew nut and bitter orange, and has been compared with lobster. Another joy in taste and nuttiness, the aroma and the taste is unique and selective .



Origin: Caspian Sea, Iran

Packing Size : 30g ,50g,125g,250g


Sevruga Caviar 


This Caviar Produced from Acipencer Stelatus and Acipencer Precious or Persian Sturgeons.

This Sturgeons are smaller in both body and the caviar size , beautiful character in taste 

For the female takes a shorter time to produce caviar from 5 to 9 years depending on the water minerals and the habitat .

Distinguished smooth,

buttery flavore and sweet sea-spray; Aromatic and and savory taste,

intense sea tang.

Sevruga caviar is seasonal and its got 2 grades of 

Seasonal Grade A

Seasonal Grade B 

Depending on the size and the characters of the roes.

its nothing less than the other caviars from Beluga and Ossetra , sevruga is unique and mysterious on its own way .

Origin : Caspian Sea ,Iran 

Packing Size :30g,50g,125,250g


Here in the beluga club we do thing a bit different from others . We only carry a fresh products base on every 45-60 days shipments from our farm located in Caspian sea therefore we do not have old stock . As we all know each caviar regardless of its sturgeon type is different from others in terms of grading and taste wise , In beluga club we make sure you will get exactly  the true taste of monarch and luxury in every bite . Therefor in our website we have general information about the top 3 highest grades and famous Iranian caviar for centuries and for precise tasting notes and fresh arrival we highly recommend that you contact us directly via email or what's app or simply become member in our website and receive our latest arrival noticed . This way we make sure we cater the right products to you for ultimate satisfaction . If you need advice for your events or special set up for your meaningful occasion and need our tips and help to make it even more memorable for you and loved ones please contact us and we will be delighted to be there . You can click here to get the latest price list and updates .

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